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Delinquent Invoices/ Bad Checks

Assistance is available for your slow/ no paying customers.
We have a unique program to get you more money, faster, and at a lower cost to you.
Collect on your overdue accounts for as little as 5%.

We are not a collection agency. We directs your money to you, unlike collection agencies who can hold funds for two months. This unique service is available to you for pennies on the dollars. Don't wait for unpaid Invoices to devalue. We can suppliment or offset the valuable time your internal collections department takes to collect delinquent accounts, and/or bad checks.
Service alaiable to all industries, including retail.
Included in our low fees is retention of an attorney for your use, if required.
Let us ease your headaces of collections. Please contact us for details.

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Home Preview of Funding Contact Info
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