Creative Funding Group
Welcome to your New Funding Source. 

Funding is available to satisfy various Cash Flow Needs. Our specialty is matching your need to the appropriate solution. 

Are you in the need for Working Capital? Did you Bank say NO? Your firm may have excellent credit, you just fit outside of  the Bank's "box." 
Wouldn't you rather collect on Invoices Immediately, instead of waiting 30, 45, or 60 days? Could you use that extra money up front for expansion of your business?
Do you need funds for a large construction project?
Are there other financial needs for your company?

If you answered yes, Preview our services below. We can assist your firm obtain it's goals through alternative funding.

Preview of Funding
Preview of Funding

A/R Financing

Equipment Leasing

Commercial Project Financing

Asset Based Lending

Delinquent Invoices/ Bad Checks

Medical Billing and Collections

Purchase of Private Real Estate and Business Notes

Contact Info
Contact Info
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Updated 10-9-2012